Welcome to my shitty blog where I post multifandom things and reblog amusing text posts that I'll never be able to compare my own to.

14. Bosnian. Lives in Ireland. Wants to write books and listen to music 24/7. Female. In love with the Phantom of the Opera. hates stereotypes.

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Instead of saying motherfucker you can just say Oedipus

Half of our generation wouldn’t even understand that

yes you are right the thousands of notes on this post prove how ignorant our generation is. only you are intelligent. you are the chosen one.

only real Ancient Greek kids would understand

reblog if ur a tru 650BC kid

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Don’t ever forget what happened on July 11, 1995. More than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed when Serbian forces overran the town of Srebrenica, Bosnia. Their remains are being gradually found in mass graves and buried every July 11th.


he’s climbin’ in yo two-way mirrors, snatchin’ yo sopranos up

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